Where your jewelry always travels first-class

The sleek yet sophisticated clutch to keep your jewelry safe and always within reach - wherever the world may take you.

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Tangle and Hassle free

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  • 100% Vegan Leather

    Made from premium materials, the Travaliére has the velvety feel on the inside and the aesthetics of real leather on the outside. Travel with a clear conscience.

  • Timeless Innovation

    With a forward-thinking design and three classic colors to choose from, the Travaliére is ageless and well prepared for the road ahead.

  • Generous Space

    The Travaliére interior system features ample room for your treasured necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

  • Choose from 3 classic colors

    The Travaliére is available in three select colors: Black Noir, Ivory White, Honey Cognac.


Just Roll, Hang, and Go!

Keep your items untangled and protected with an elegantly designed plush interior.

  • Pull down the jewelry drape

    Simply unclasp the clutch and pull

    down the drape.

  • Place your jewelry pieces inside

    Place your necklaces, rings, and

    bracelets inside the compartments.

  • Gently tug the tab

    The system will automatically retract

    keeping your jewelry secure and


  • Engineered Jewelry drape pulls down and locks in place

  • Easy one handed function: Pull down and roll up effortlessly

  • Zipper pocket for travel documents, passports and currency

  • Hang on mirror, glass, hooks or hangersso your jewelry never has to be laid out on the counters or tables.

  • High quality hardware and construction

  • Fits in all hotel safes, keeping your valuables secure

  • Beautifully displays your pieces while on travels

  • Compact and secure during transport

Secure your personal Travaliére clutch

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